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Revamping Your Skincare Routine for the Changing Seasons: Prepare Your Skin with Our Expert Tips

Revamping Your Skincare Routine for the Changing Seasons: Prepare Your Skin with Our Expert Tips - Skintique

Adapting your skincare regimen with the shifting seasons, be it autumn/winter or spring/summer, isn't just a passing trend or a fleeting fashion statement seen on runways (think white vests and flying jackets). It's a strategic approach, acknowledging your skin's varying needs due to lifestyle alterations or seasonal transitions.

Irregular skin changes can emerge unexpectedly at any point during the year, spurred by factors like stress, hormonal shifts, or health imbalances. For instance, individuals with drier skin types might encounter flakiness not only in winter but also during stressful periods, like relocating to a new home.

Our skincare experts stand ready as your primary resource for significant skin adjustments. They adeptly tailor your routine and treatments to navigate through periods of flux, ensuring your skin remains resilient despite any upheaval. This personalised service is key to achieving optimal results.

AUTUMN: Address Dullness, Discoloration, and Dehydration

As the warm summer months fade, signs of sun damage may emerge—dull, uneven skin and patches of discolouration. A sudden drop in temperatures can accentuate fine lines, signalling dehydration. Autumn presents an opportunity to recalibrate your skincare routine, tackling post-summer issues and pre-empting winter dryness. Despite cooler days, never skip SPF—daily protection against UVA and UVB rays remains imperative year-round.

Recommended Ingredients:

Vitamin C proves beneficial in both cooler and warmer months. This brightening antioxidant boosts collagen production, fortifies the skin barrier, and combats hyperpigmentation and signs of ageing like fine lines and reduced elasticity. Humectants like hyaluronic acid draw moisture from the atmosphere, preventing natural dehydration as temperatures decrease. Glycerin, another component, plumps and softens the complexion.

Problem-solving Products:

AlumierMD Ultimate Boost Serum, applied twice daily after cleansing, features sodium hyaluronate, enhancing skin plumpness and texture. For a vitamin C boost, consider the award-winning Bright & Clear Solution, refining complexion texture and brightening the skin.

As winter approaches with its longer, darker nights, embrace cozy moments with cashmere and candlelight. Elevate the hygge season by indulging in at-home skincare treatments. Our recommended Smooth & Hydrate Kit comprises products that promote skin renewal and deep hydration. Commence with MicroDerm Polish, an invigorating scrub that brightens and minimises hyperpigmented areas in the long run. Follow with the oil-free Aqua Infusion Mask, leveraging glycerin and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to enhance the skin's water retention ability naturally.

WINTER: Combat Dry Skin, Eczema, and Redness

During leafless trees, biting winds, and central heating, our skin undergoes significant stress. Indoor heating diminishes air moisture, resulting in dryness. Individuals with dry skin, psoriasis, or eczema experience exacerbated symptoms—roughness, scaliness, tightness, or flaking. The temperature contrast between the cold outdoors and warm interiors dilates blood vessels, triggering redness, sensitivity, and breakouts.

Countermeasures involve minimising indoor heating, utilising alternatives like hot water bottles instead. A humidifier replenishes air moisture, enabling better contact between the skin and humectant-rich ingredients. Avoid prolonged hot showers during winter, opting for shorter, lukewarm sessions. Promptly follow with a moisturiser like HydraRich to replenish the skin.

Recommended Ingredients:

Emollients play a pivotal role in winter skincare. These components soften dry, rough skin by filling intercellular gaps with lipids. Oils and butters offer soothing emollient effects, often combined with humectants for immediate skin softening. Distinguish emollients from occlusive ingredients, which create a skin barrier (like Vaseline) without actively moisturising.

Exceptional Winter Skincare:

HydraRich moisturiser stands atop the hierarchy for ultra-dry skin during winter. Packed with emollients (such as shea butter) and humectants (high and low weight hyaluronic acid), it features MATRIXYL®Synthe’6® for skin firmness and strength. Ultra-dry skin types should not venture through winter without this essential product!

SPRING: Address Breakouts, Unpredictable Skin, and Stress-related Issues

Spring signifies a skincare renewal. While it heralds warmer weather, especially in the Northern hemisphere, the season oscillates between chilly and milder days. This fluctuation often triggers unpredictable skin conditions, necessitating a consistent morning and evening skincare routine to maintain balance. Additionally, hayfever sufferers may encounter challenges with redness, runny noses, and itchy skin during this time.

Recommended Ingredients:

Peptides offer calming benefits, soothing stressed skin and preserving a youthful, plump appearance despite erratic weather shifts. Also, SPF protection is non-negotiable as up to 40% of the sun's UV rays penetrate through clouds, even on overcast days.

Spring Skincare Swaps:

Opt for a lighter moisturiser like Hydralight, a soothing hydrator enriched with sodium hyaluronate, aloe, and niacinamide. It includes essential peptides that work toward firming and fortifying the skin. To address stress-induced skin issues, consider our Recovery Balm, initially designed to support post-procedural skin. It performs remarkably in rehabilitating red, stressed skin—whether post-clinic treatment or due to spring-induced challenges.

SUMMER: Combat Oily Skin, Sweat, and Breakouts

Ah, summer—characterised by vibrant mornings, fresh produce, and extended outdoor evenings. However, the warmer, humid climate triggers increased skin perspiration and oil production, potentially leading to breakouts. Maintaining your skincare regimen, even while traveling, is vital during this time.

Heavy moisturising serums and creams suitable for winter may overload the skin, resulting in a greasy feel during summer. Yet, completely forsaking moisturisation isn't the solution. Switching to lighter serums and hydrators could be the key.

Recommended Ingredients:

In summer, prolonged outdoor exposure makes SPF crucial, along with the added benefit of antioxidants. These act as protective shields, safeguarding the skin against environmental factors like free radicals from pollution and pollen.

Summer Skincare Favourites:

Prioritise thorough cleansing to rid the skin of SPF residue, excess oil, and external debris. AlumierMD gentle Clarifying Cleanser, containing salicylic acid and oligopeptide-10, effectively exfoliates and clears pores for those prone to blemishes. Choose from our selection of six sunscreens to match your skin type and lifestyle. Consulting our skincare experts can guide you in selecting the ideal SPF. Our award-winning Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 40, a sheer physical sunscreen, suits most skin types, offering year-round protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Bonus: It's infused with antioxidants such as vitamin C, resveratrol, grape seed extract, and glutathione! Connect to buy instantly!

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